Friends have been asking where they could read up or see other work that I have done. I've included a short list of links to sites that show, describe or discuss some of the projects that I've had the priviledge to be part of.

I had a lot of fun doing these projects and value your opinion on them. If you like them, please let me know through the Facebook like or Google +1 buttons!


Bill Copeland Music News   Review by Bill Copeland
From Archive.Org: Tommy welcomes musicians
Tom Bray and Sandy Casey
  TV interview of Sandy Lee Casey and Tom Bray by Tommy Colletta
Rooster Teeth site   RWBY and Red vs. Blue site
The Unofficial Red vs. Blue Wiki
  RvB Wiki
  RWBY Wiki
Wikipedia entry for Red vs. Blue   Wikipedia page
RTX 2012 pictures in Austin. Sandy Lee, John (drums),
Casey (vocals), Jeff (guitar) & others in the band

  RTX 2012 Pictures 1
RTX 2012 Pictures 2
RWBY Volume 1 Soundtrack
(with Casey Lee Williams, Sandy Lee Casey, Lamar Hall)
  iTunes, Amazon
I Say OOh - Track 19 - Red vs. Blue:
Revelation - Season 8 (feat. Sandy Lee Casey)
  Amazon, iTunes, YouTube
Terrify! - Track 4 - Red vs. Blue - Season 10
(feat. Sandy Lee Casey)
  iTunes, MP3 licious, YouTube
Pray - Track 17 - Red vs. Blue - Season 10
(feat. Lamar Hall, Sandy Lee Casey & Red Rapper)
  iTunes, YouTube
One Your Knees - Track Track 17 - Red vs. Blue - Season 9
(feat. Sandy Lee Casey & Lamar Hall)
The More - Track 2 - Red vs. Blue - Season 10
(feat. Lamar Hall & Sandy Lee Casey)
  iTunes, MP3 Licious, YouTube
Bill Copeland Music News   Performance review
Team Joshua - Cystic Fibrosis Foundation   Performing for a great cause
GigSalad   Singing Guitarist in Dracut
iTunes #1 Soundtrack RWBY tops The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack!